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Theo is one of our multi-lingual trainers.
Fluent in magyar, english & swedish. He has worked as a full-time Personal Trainer and Masseur for 6 years and is now ready to take on clients here in Budapest. 

More about Theo:

As a personal trainer, I am a person who believes in a holistic approach. Exercise is more than just getting in for an hour and sweating in the gym. It is about actively wanting to improve – in body & in mind.

The training at the gym should give you skills outside of the gym as well. Mental training as well as physical to see other parts of your life improve. As a child I was never the athletic kind, this today has given me a lot of humility as I can relate to many out there. Thanks to this, I can set realistic goals and show the way from A to B. With the right tools and mindset, you and I can work together to ensure that you reach new levels in your training and overcome previous obstacles.

Expertise in:
Muscle building
Injury prevention
Functional training
Movement- & mobility specialist

The Academy – Personal Trainer & Nutritional Advisor
Stockholm Massage Academy – Sport Massage


email: theo.molnar (kukac) live (pont) se

Telefon: 06 70 590 8809